Ohio Council on Holocaust & Genocide Education

Advancing and Improving Holocaust and Genocide Education in Ohio


The Ohio Council on Holocaust & Genocide Education condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We stand with all those who oppose this war, and we stand especially with the Ukrainian people. We staunchly affirm the condemnation of President Putin’s misrepresentation and misappropriation of Holocaust history, his false claims that democratic Ukraine needs to be ‘denazified,’ or that Ukrainian authorities are committing ‘genocide’ as a justification for the invasion or Ukraine. This is a bitter pill to swallow for Ukrainians and others who remember the Holodomor; the 1932/1933 state-sanctioned Soviet genocide that killed perhaps six million Ukrainians mostly by starvation.  We are equally concerned that Putin is using tactics borrowed from the Nazis, namely legitimizing the annexation of neighboring countries by questioning their sovereignty.  Such rogue empire building, as recent history has made clear, severely diminishes the prospect of lasting peace in Europe, increases the likelihood of atrocities, and makes the world much less safe.  

OCHGE Mission Statement

The mission of the Ohio Council on Holocaust and Genocide Education is to advance and improve Holocaust and genocide education in Ohio through professional development, educator workshops, and the dissemination of tools that connect educators and the public with accurate, relevant, and useful educational resources.